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t2 aftersun shampoo protective moisturizer, nourishes the entire hair, making it soft and radiant. Discover the delicacy and effectiveness of the formula enriched with Tiare Flower Extracts, Pistachio Oil and active plant ingredients such as Aloe Vera.
Particularly suitable for hair exposed to the sun, chlorine, and salt.

Apply to wet hair and massage gently, rinse. If necessary, apply a second time, emulsify and rinse thoroughly.

Sun exposure: the effects on the hair.
During the summer holidays we expose our hair to sun, chlorine and salt.
Prolonged exposure of the hair to the sun can lead to a loss of its water reserves. Chlorine, contained in swimming pool water, also has a dehydrating effect on the hair fiber. The saltiness, on the other hand, “wears out” the hair shaft, making it dull. At the end of summer, the hair appears brittle, dull and with split ends. Therefore, it is necessary to take care of your hair especially in summer, through the use of specific products, such as those of the Tiaré line. This will preserve the structure, shine and color of the hair.

Why Tiaré
Tiarè – Summer Therapy combines the pleasantness of cosmetics with the effectiveness of the sun product. Enjoy the energy and beauty of summer in complete safety.
250ml – 8.45 fl Oz.



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